Corporate Governance

GGICO believes that good corporate governance is essential for ‘healthy organizations’ and is important on multiple levels.

Principles and Ethics

GGICO P.S.C is committed to the highest ethical standard in business, our integrity is at the heart of our reputation and a strong reputation is integral to attracting investors, business partners and capital that are necessary for us to create long-term value. Furthermore, we are committed to the principle that how we earn profits is equally as important as the level of profits we earn, and this makes us accountable to our shareholders for ensuring prudence in our management of the organization and for demonstrating this through the highest standard of shareholder engagement, oversight and transparency.

Key Governance Information

GGICO’s Key Governance tactic is to provide a framework for board leadership and oversight in the critical areas of strategic planning, risk oversight, executive compensation, and transparency. Which is derived from the common interest of shareholders, boards, and management teams in the corporate objective of long-term value creation, the accountability of management to the board, and ultimately the accountability of the board to shareholders for such long-term value creation.


To increase efficiency and allow deeper focus in specific areas, GGICO’s Board of Directors had established certain specialized board committees. The number and nature of such committees depends on many factors, including the company’s size, nature of the business areas, and its risk profile. Each committee should have a charter that sets out its mandate, scope and working procedures. In the interest of greater transparency and accountability, a board should disclose the committees it has established, their mandates, and their composition (including members who are considered to be independent).