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Established in 2012, TIME Hotels Management LLC is one of the fastest-growing hotel management companies in the region with four product brands catering to a broad range of guest profiles. The company has introduced its signature guest experience across the UAE and Egypt with a current portfolio of 7 dry hotels and properties with 867 rooms, and plans to expand into Qatar and deliver a new property by the close of 2016.

Behind every brand and property is a multicultural team of 625 selected from amongst the world’s best. A team that consistently delivers a signature brand of hospitality – great service, high standards and value for money.


As the flagship brand of the TIME portfolio, TIME Hotels & Resorts employs the highest standards to deliver the best guest experience in both business and leisure, while honouring the signature value-for-money proposition throughout its 4 and 5-star properties.


Whether furnished or unfurnished, all TIME Residence properties cater to extended stays, providing the comfort of security and the convenience of hotel services delivered with the unique warmth and energy that has come to be expected from the professionals at TIME.


TIME Express Hotels is the fruit of re-evaluating the entire guest experience to prioritise the essentials through its 3-star properties. Budget-conscious travellers welcome the economic efficiencies of TIME Express Hotels, which presents a fresh, modern and upbeat atmosphere at a better value.


TIME Hotel Apartments offer stylishly furnished and fully equipped apartments, delivering a practical and cost-efficient accommodation solution ideal for both business and leisure travellers on either long-stay or short-stay visits.

With all its achievement and recognitions, TIME Hotels has taken a seat as one of the Best Hotels in Dubai and the Middle East. Led by some of the best professionals in the world, the company pursues continued growth and has made an even grander expansion a reality. From opulent beach villas in Jeddah, to secluded majesty along Luxor’s Nile riverbanks, to towering four-star luxury hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, TIME Hotels’ vision is boundless.


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